Our extensive experience enables us to help you with different representations of your idea.
Who uses 3d rendering services
in their work?
It is great opportunity to see where their ideas lead and combine it into attractive design harmony
One of the most important steps in approval process with customers and investors is to show how designed buildings and constructions will look like. Taking it into account, photorealistic exterior renders is the best way to show project conceptions, its scale and approve final design
A qualitative visual representation of the future object is one of the most effective marketing instruments
Project task (customer side)
You make a project task with furniture plan, objects list, textures specification, detailed description and send it to us
Send task
Preparation (our side)
  • check your technical task completeness and tell if something is missing
  • appoint personal manager and 3D-artist
  • add project to the schedule
  • estimate it and send you payment request
Payment (customer side)
You transfer prepayment according to the project amount that we discussed before
Performing (our side)
If we received all of the required information, we start immediately and you will get renders during next 1-2 work days
Approving (customer side)
Basing on our previews you can make design changes and approve it with your client. We can make those changes in a few hours. Main goal here is to get your confirmation about project final stage
Final render (our side)
And here we are. You receive a highly photorealistic render of your design idea
Send task
write your phone, email for communication, and attach files
Attach files
It's totally free
Start you exterior project
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Start you interior project
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Start you animation project
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How we will communicate?
We use various tools for communication, both mobile messengers and e-mail.

Most of our team located in the +2 GMT time zone, but our managers will provide you 24/7 support if your current project is urgent.

Before project start, we will create a schedule with stages dates. To keep this schedule relevant - we need to get answers from you as fast as possible.

Our clients are different. Some clients need more communication during the project, some - less. As a customer service company, we are here for you to cater all your requests
What average lead time
Average lead time for the first previews is 1-2 work days from the moment we get all project info from you.

Depending on the size of the project, we form teams from 2 to 10 people, to reduce general performing time.

Average project lifetime period (from day we start to the day we make final renders) is from 2 to 15 days. This period includes two preview sessions with changes between them
How can I pay?
You can pay:
  • directly by your Visa/MasterCard using payment form on our website
  • by Payoneer service after forming payment request from our manager
What is your payment process?
You pay 50% of total amount before the start and on the final stage you pay the rest. After that we provide final render in high resolution
What do you need for work?
Here is materials-list that we need for work:
-required items
  1. Floor plan with location of the furniture, decor, light and other objects (you can split them by the plans) or skp(SketchUp) or pln(ArchiCAD 21) with this info.
  2. Ceiling height and its configuration (if it is multi-level). Windows and doors dimensions and models description.
  3. List of objects to be located inside of room.
  4. Textures and materials description.
- if you have
  1. Collages (Mood Board)
  2. Unfolded walls surfaces
  3. Models in 3dsmax, sketchup etc.
  4. Sketches ....and so on...

What type of file do you accept?
We accept all types of files. Just leave the conversion to us.
We can even work with 2D drawings or hand sketches. The presentation form is not as important as the clarity of the presentation. So feel free to send us what you have.
Often we work on client's moodboards and implement the design in our studio.
What about furniture models?
Simple models like cabinet furniture, tables, or simple chairs — we can model or combine from existing objects (from our base).

There are two options for complex models:
  1. You send a list of objects with links to shops, websites or social networks, and we select the similar from our database or download them from the website and modify them
  2. You send the archive with 3d models and we place them
Can I get a discount?
We are always eager form long-term working relationships wth our clients. If you order services from 3000 USD/monthly and higher, we will be happy to negotiate special conditions with you.
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